Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MAY 12 - PHILADELPHIA - The CDs have arrived and my Innerview is up!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my very first solo album:



I must say I am AMAZED at how well the CDs turned out, and hope you guys will feel the same way! This has been such a great journey for me, and I've learned so much from the experience. I've developed even more as an artist, and I just want to thank everyone who contributed to the CD and helped me through the process. I especially want to give a special shout out to those that have supported me by pre-ordering this debut release!

Most of all, heartfelt thanks to Anil Prasad, who has just been totally awesome in giving me advice and helping me make the right decisions in getting my music out there. He was even so kind to interview me for his fabulous website, Innerviews. I think it's a great piece, and will help shed light on how I went through the various procedures to make this happen. Enjoy, and I greatly look forward to your feedback once the album arrives to YOU!


Steve Kostelecky said...

Can't wait for the cd to arrive. Congratulations.

mmaier2112 said...

Wow, Julie. Great job. Like I said over at TB: the production of the CD packaging is really great.

Have you thought about posters of the cover art? Maybe some sort of a collage with the inside pics surrounding the front pic?

I've only listened once so far, but the music's amazing. So many great tones and (of course) you kick major booty.

Great job, lady. Best of luck with it.

Julie said...

Hey Mike - thanks!!! Yeah, I definitely would like to do some posters at some point... especially if I manage to put some shows together...