Friday, August 12, 2011

AUGUST 12: PHILADELPHIA, PA - A video, a tour, new merch, oh my!

Yeah, yeah... it's been a while (as usual). I promise I'll update the blog a LOT more during the upcoming Two of a Perfect Trio Tour.

The main excuse for all of this silence? I've been recording like crazy! Expect a lot of new material from almost all of my projects within the next few months. First up, I'll be putting out an EP with Carl Bahner (officially called the Bahner/Slick Duo) entitled "Live at Slick Sound Studios." I will be selling these limited edition CDs at shows on the TPT tour, as well as online (check back to my site for pre-orders at the end of the month).

Also, I'll be performing a webcast concert with guitarist Tim Motzer and my brother Eric next Monday, August 22nd. Tune in at 6:30 for a fun, experimental, and totally improvised musical journey - sign up here.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this brand spankin' new video from my band, DRGN King: