Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 5 - FALL RIVER, MA - Hide the axes!

So this morning my brain feels rather wrinkly, as we played a most excellent show at a packed Arts Center in Fall River. Now I know many of you are thinking (as I was), "Fall River? Why does the name of that town sound familiar?" Well, I'll tell you, as I Wiki'ed it once we got to our lovely rooms: It's the infamous place where young Lizzie Borden brutally murdered her parents with a hatchet in the late 19th century. The main attraction here is actually the house in which this unspeakable crime was committed - and guess what? It's a freakin' BED AND BREAKFAST. Now I'm all for spooky stories and the like, but staying in murder house? No, thanks! It's bad enough a kid we grew up with killed a struggling actor/vagabond down the street from our house... but really, it's a nice neighborhood, I swear.
Anyway, the show itself was a HOT one, literally. It was a crisp and cool pre-fall evening, so I foolishly decided to wear quite possibly the warmest garment I now own: a long sleeved flannel dress-y thing (see, I'm a terrible "girl"). I didn't realize that there was no A/C in the building, and that the lights would make me feel like a convenience store hot dog, wrapped up in a salty, billowy pretzel, spinning round and round, roasting me to rubbery perfection:

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But really, I can't complain: the crowd was wicked awesome. As mentioned earlier, it was packed in that large steam room and though it was a slippery one for us trio members, I think we charmed our crowd pretty well. These Massachusetts fans are really great - they're not afraid to yell and dance, but they also "shush" each other during quieter sections - it's truly a different experience, but one that I definitely enjoy.

Many thanks to everyone: Jason, (for the killer homemade strawberry salad and hummus!) Patrick, and others for havin' us!

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Steve Kostelecky said...

I can't escape the image of a hot dog holding a bass, twirling stage right of Belew. I like it when you have fun with the blog.